The company was founded in October, 2005. Since its foundation the company has invested in more than 20 projects.

The core business is to invest directly into innovative projects worldwide. Generally these projects are focused on the sectors of finances (asset management, payment systems), telecommunications (social networks, online services) and advertising (Internet marketing).

2005: participation in the web advertising market, purchase of the social networks

2006: launch of the first special-purpose IT-fund oriented to Russian web industry

2009: focus on financial technology companies and online banking

2010: set up of a management company in Russia – specialist in investment funds

2013: entrance to the international market, purchase of growing companies operating in financial services sector and changing the image of banking system; deals as LC, SL & Platiza transactions.

At different stages of the company's development our partners were (and so far are) investment holding "Finam", JSC "BINBANK", European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD Norum Fund), Eaglewood Capital Management, Runa Capital and others.

We want to be the part of the world's changing technological Internet progress. We implement projects we believe in, offering comprehensive partnership for talented entrepreneurs. We use a wide professional toolkit for creating leading companies and products.


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    Director of Representative Office of “Skagit Investments Limited” in Russia

    Higher education:

    International Slavic Institute, specialty Finance and Credit.

    Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Executive MBA, Strategic Management Faculty.

    Russian FFMS 5.0 Qualification Certificate.


    Alexey has 20 years of experience in business and investment activities. Since 2003 he is an active investor in high-growth companies related to TMT sector’s Internet industry.

    2005 - Alexey founded Skagit Investments Limited, which has become a vigorous participant of the changing image of Internet industry. In conjunction with the investment holding company “Finam” he was involved in several largest Russian deals with companies that operate in different sectors of Internet industry - media and contextual advertising, dating, payment services and platforms for mutual lending.

    At the same time Alexey participated in operational management of companies which Skagit Investments Limited was investing in.

    2005 - 2007 - Managing Director of Managing Company "AG Capital" (foundation and promotion of closed-end investment funds).

    2007 - 2010 - Alexey held the position of managing director of LLC “Management company "Finam Management”. He elaborated projects in direct investing and pursued relations with institutional investors.

    2010 - 2012 - Alexey was appointed to the Director General position of “Management company "BIN FINAM Group” that specialized in operations with closed-end investment funds.


    Alexey is an investor with a number of successfully transactions, an effective innovator in establishing closed-end investment funds on Russian market. He is one of the founders of the first Russian closed-end TMT (technologies, media, telecommunications) investment fund “Finam Information Technologies” and investment fund for agricultural lands “Finam Capital Investments”.

    Field of interest:

    TMT sector, finance, asset management (management companies, non-state pension funds).

    Managing Director of Representative Office "Skagit Investments Limited" in Russia


    In 2001 Alexander graduated the Brigham Young University (USA) cum laude with the specialty in Finance and Accounting.


    Alexander is an expert in direct investments and corporate finance. He started his career in New York in the department of financial consultancy at Ernst & Young, working with major financial institutions Goldman Sachs Principal Investing Group, Morgan Stanley, AIG, Sumitomo, and others. After Ernst & Young, Alexander worked at a hedge fund in New York, being responsible for investor relations.

    2006 - Alexander moved to one of the largest investment companies in Russia, the Sputnik Group, as Deputy Director of the Investment Department, managing all foreign projects of the Group.

    After Sputnik Group, Alexander worked in a private management company Klever Asset Management, being responsible for direct investments in different sectors of the economy.

    Prior to joining Skagit Investments Limited Alexander worked in investment banking company Joule Capital Management, focusing on attracting investment for small and medium businesses.

    From 2013 through present - Alexander is Executive Director at Representative Office of "Skagit Investments Limited" in Russia.

    Deputy Director of Representative Office for Financial and Administrative Affairs


    Higher College of Law, Specialty "Jurisprudence" V.N. Tatishev Volzhsky University, Specialty "Television Journalism"

    Business School, Non-State Educational Institute International Business Academy (IBA), Advanced training "Project Management".

    MBA Faculty: Company Management (Entrepreneurship), Institute of Business Administration and Management, the Academy of National Economy under the government of the Russian Federation.


    ЛLudmila has years of experience in the field of investments. She evolved her practical experience and knowledge in the field of direct and venture investments, she successfully coped with her responsibilities which included projects financial support.

    2007 - 2010 – Lyudmila held the post of Project Manager in the field of closed-end mutual funds in LLC "Management Company "Finam Management".

    2010 -2012 – Assistant Director General and Project Manager in the field of closed-end mutual funds in "Management Company "BIN FINAM Group".

    From 2012 through present Lyudmila is the Deputy Director for Financial and Administrative Affairs of Representative Office of "Skagit Investments Limited" in Russia.

    Legal Counsel at the Representative Office of "Skagit Investments Limited"


    In 2009 Olga graduated the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Law Faculty, Master Degree in Jurisprudence, Civil Law, Family Law, Private International Law.

    Olga specializes in legal international transactions with Russian assets, in corporate law and M&A, in corporate restructuring and providing comprehensive legal support for investment projects on the territory of Russia.


    Prior to joining the representative office of Skagit Investments Limited in 2012 Olga gaining practice in different private companies as a lawyer.

    From 2012 through present Olga is the General Counsel in the representative office of PLLC "Skagit Investments Limited" in Russia.

    Administrative Assistant at the Representative Office of "Skagit Investments Limited"


    ULIM, Foreign Languages Faculty, Licentiate in Humanities, Master Degree


    2011 - Interpreter, Center of Independent Journalism.

    2012 - Assistant General Manager in the Construction Company "Magic_VS" founded in 1995 and progressing to a successful company.

    2012 - 2013 - Office Manager, Representative Office of "Amaya Group", a gambling Canadian company.

    From 2013 and through present Kristina is Administrative Assistant at Representative Office of "Skagit Investments Limited" in Russia. Kristina's duties include office administration and company's maintenance of information resources.


Medium-size companies with high growth potential are in the focus of our investment strategy. Our objective is to help this potential to be implemented by providing financial and intellectual resources. Primarily we consider the investment possibilities into innovative projects of TMT industry (technologies, media, telecommunications), which provide customers with services of the highest quality and meet all modern requirements. We have a good reason to believe that this is one of the most promising directions for today. Still we are looking for and are ready to consider other attractive window of opportunities.

We do not limit ourselves by spatial frameworks and we look for investment opportunities worldwide.


When selecting business projects we are guided by the following criteria:


Market condition and company’s position on the market.

What are the key industry trends, to what extent is the company’s development strategy adequate to these tendencies, what are its growth potential opportunities


What are the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate management system, to what extent is the internal infrastructure technologically effective and appropriate

Financial situation.

What are the revenues and expenses structure, does the company show a positive financial result.

Risk map.

What are the key risks of the project, what consequences of the risk cases could appear, what are the ways to reduce the potential possibility of these consequences.


How quickly is it possible to sell a stake in this business.


It is necessary to note that we uphold the conservative view in our investment activities and prefer to achieve a complete understanding of business processes and related risks before taking any decision. Cautiousness and deliberateness are the key principles of our investment strategy.


Office "Skagit Investments Limited" in Russia

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