WADA is the biggest Vietnamese search engine. The main objective of the project is the creation of a national Vietnamese Internet search service that meets all the needs of the information of Vietnamese Internet users.
WADA continuously and consistently works on creating innovative and excellent web portal with fully localized online services such as Web Search and Specialized Searches for news, entertainment, places, knowledge, products and so on to Vietnamese community. WADA stimulates technological innovations and entrepreneurship of new generations.

Wada provides a simple, reliable and convenient way to advertise with the ability to manage budgets, advertising campaigns, ensuring the operational result.


Year of entry: 2011

Expert commentary:
"Fast-developing Asian markets with high penetration of mobile internet enable new players to enter the market competing with the world leaders. The primarily strategy of Wada is to understand deeply the local Vietnamese population for better satisfying its requirements in advanced technology products. Local teams in many respects better understand the needs of the local market better, applying and adapting advanced technologies from Russia," - sais Alexey Garyunov.